Master Bedroom Tour

Master Bedroom Tour

Now that we are homeowners in the panhandle of Florida we have been in non-stop project mode. So much so that writing and nearly everything else fell by the wayside. Things have calmed down just a bit and I’m excited to share with you the projects that we’ve been doing around the house. I of course couldn’t do any of these without my amazing husband who always tempers my expectations and does all the really hard work on the projects. Editor’s Note: Nah, Elizabeth, cutting wood is easy compared to thinking about designs and coming up with the plans. 🙂

The first room I wanted to get done was our master bedroom. So often we take care of all the kids stuff first. When we were unpacking our room was the one that stored all the boxes while we set up the rest of the house. When it came time for projects we started with the master bedroom.

Our Ethen Allen bed, that I adored, was smushed when the ceiling of the government-owned storage facility in Colorado collapsed while we were living overseas. The insurance adjuster called it a one-in-a-million occurrence and that the odds of a ceiling landing square on our little corner of the warehouse was something he’d never seen. I loved that bed and it was one of the first things Jeff and I bought together after we were married. We always joke that it was the only nice thing we owned! We replaced it instead with a king size Ikea HEMNES bed. We added the under-bed storage, as our new home lacks storage space. When we bought the king size bed, Jeff had just finished his PhD, making Matt Nathanson’s song “Used to Be” a perfect description of our life.

When the warehouse ceiling collapsed rain poured into the storage facility and our mattresses were all exposed to mold. So they all needed to be replaced. We upgraded to a BEAR mattress. It sleeps cool which we love. (Bear offers a military discount if you order directly through them.)

Here is a photo of the master bedroom from the listing. We loved how open the room was when we looked at the house. We had never had a large master room before. The carpet was worn and white and the angles in the room made furniture arranging quite difficult.

We replaced the carpet with a light grey carpet that does a much better job at repelling life and not showing signs of wear. Then I shopped my house for the right pieces for this room. I ended up bringing in an end table we once used in the living room as my console table for my chaise lounge. This little corner is one of the most popular in the whole house. The kids love to read here and it’s where I’m sitting and writing right now.

I repurposed some end tables from my childhood bedroom by repainting them using Fusion Mineral paint in Lamp White. This repurposing of everything was inspired by my dear friend Amber who writes about all her amazing ideas at PooleItTogether.

Then I got my husband in on the fun. Jeff repurposed a few pieces of our smashed Ethan Allen bed into these farmhouse inspired lights.

The final look is cozy and also brightens up the room a bit. We love that all the kids pile in here with us in the morning and love hanging out in here reading, listening to podcasts and just hanging out together.

The last missing piece to this room is to get the mirror from my Grandmothers dresser re-attached! The movers lost the 90 year old bracket that holds it up. Unfortunately, it’s so old we have to find someone to machine the piece.

I love how cozy my space feels.

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