Longest Fishing Pier in Florida: Navarre Beach

Longest Fishing Pier in Florida: Navarre Beach

Who wouldn’t have guessed that our little beach would be home to the Longest Fishing Pier in Florida! At 1,545 feet long and soaring 30 feet above the water, the Navarre Beach pier is the perfect place to go watch beach life around you. We headed out to the pier just as a storm was headed toward us to see some amazing waves. Turns out it was also a good day for fishing.

The pier costs $1/person to visit, more if you want to fish from it. Our local friends say visiting on a clear day means spying turtles and dolphins. (There was recently even a shark sighting from here.)

The first part of the pier is wide open. There is plenty of room here to run and take in the views of the beach.

A totally different view of the beach we typically hang out on. The day of our visit was double red flags, which means the water was closed.

The boys loved watching the waves rolling in from this vantage point.

A bit farther down the pier becomes crowded with fishermen. We reigned in the kids a bit and made sure to watch for flying hooks.

Everyone on the pier seemed to be catching a fish or two. They were all happy to let us take a peek.

When we got toward the end of the pier we were able to watch the fish get reeled in, which the kids greatly enjoyed.

We will definitely be back to visit the pier again soon. It is a wonderful activity for an evening and easily combined with having dinner at one of the many restaurants on the beach.

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