Strolling around Amsterdam // Photos

I found myself a few blocks outside of Amsterdam’s busy core in a more residential neighborhood. I was strolling around Amsterdam. I honestly can’t say exactly where I was. A friend and I were out for a walk and couldn’t take the crowds much longer. We walked a few blocks away from the congestion and discovered ourselves in a residential area with much more breathing room. We both took our cameras out and felt inspired by the canals and canal houses. We started to appreciate Amsterdam’s character.

Typically, I’m not a huge fan of Amsterdam. I venture from Delft to Amsterdam to take care of business at the consulate or to see a particular museum. We’ve done a few weekend getaways to check things off the Amsterdam visit list. It always feels like a crowded city I had to bare just to see things. On this latest visit though I recognized Amsterdam’s charm. I felt inspired by the canal houses which tower larger than Delft’s. I was relaxed and wandered into local, uncrowded shops.

Here are some of the photos from my stroll around Amsterdam. I think it is the best way to show off my discoveries. Head a block or two off the main drag and just wander.

Luckily my friend was happy to wander with me. We loved the freedom the smaller streets gave us.

When we were tired we were able to sit in a cafe and enjoy a drink and a slice of pie.

Then we programmed the GPS to take us back to the busy parts of the city to finish out our day.

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