Making Space for P.E. while Homeschooling

Making Space for P.E. while Homeschooling

Through the #SharetheMic Campaign on Instagram I’ve gotten a chance to know Larissa Maloney. She is a mama, former professional beach volleyball athlete and owner of Active Kids 2.0. The goal of Active Kids 2.0 is to bring physical education into your home.

My family is currently trying out Active Kids 2.0. I can’t wait to share with you how we are integrating purposeful physical activity into our school schedule, and how it is helping my kids stay focused and healthy. In the meantime though I texted with Larissa about all things Kids 2.0 and wanted to share our convo with you.

What makes you so passionate about getting (and keeping) kids active?

I have been coaching and mentoring kids for over 15 years now. Helping kids become the best that they can be physically, mentally and emotionally is my priority! There’s no greater reward than having a kid who I’ve worked with come to me years later to tell me how much of an impact I have had on their lives. Nothing compares to that!

What value does a structured Physical Education class, like Active Kids 2.0, give to kids beyond, like sending them outside to play?

Active Kids 2.0 is your ultimate solution to at-home PE class. One of the best parts of the program is that it provides such a fun and engaging variety to keep all types of kids active. So many families place Active Kids into their home school schedule to not only continue a structured routine, but to give kids a break from their studies to help them refocus for the rest of their academic day. It gives them something to look forward to while keeping their mind, body and soul healthy.

Can you do PE at home? What equipment do you need? How much space do you need? How much time do we need in our schedule?

 Active Kids 2.0 is designed to be done in any home! All you need is enough space to be able to move your body! All of our classes are anywhere from 20-30 minutes. We also have amazing toddler time classes that last from 10-15 minutes in duration.

How do you make online learning fun and engaging? 

My coaches are experts in their field. All of the classes that we provide are engaging, interactive and fun! My coaches use captivating props and capitalize on kids using their imagination to enhance the classes. The classes will draw your child into our coach’s world for 20-30 minutes every day and make them better, healthier kids!

What types of classes do you offer? 

We offer a variety of classes including karate, ballet, jazz, cheer, gymnastics, boxing, toddler time, hip-hop dance, yoga, cardio, strength and low impact classes!

Is Active Kids 2.0 a good Covid replacement for outside the home extra curricular activities?

Yes, Active Kids 2.0 is the perfect solution for at-home activities to keep your kids entertained and active. You can even do Active Kids outside, all you need is access to technology!

How can I integrate movement into our homeschooling (or distance learning) day so the kids are not just sitting at screens all day? 

Nowadays, kids are obsessed with technology and screens. I know because I have two little ones and one is obsessed with the Wii and Playstation! I always say why not merge the two worlds? They love being on technology, so why not have them do something that will help them stay healthy while on it. My little ones do the classes and learn so much within the class that they don’t realize they are actually getting their 60 minutes of physical activity because they are having a blast doing it! I also recommend doing some of the classes with your child. This will grow that special bond between you and child that they will give lasting memories.

What is your favorite active family activity?

We are a very active family. My husband is a former professional soccer player from England so it runs in our blood! We love to travel and have extremely active vacations. One of our favorites has been visiting Colorado and hiking through all of the amazing trails. If we are home we are always outdoors, playing different sports and exploring new parts of our own city. Active Kids classes play a huge role in our home as well. My kids know that they get to choose what Active Kids classes they get to do during the week and they are always psyched up for it!

What feedback do you get about Active Kids 2.0 ?

Our Active Kids 2.0 families love the program because of the variety and it leaves the kids feeling excited and accomplished that they’ve learned a new skill in the comfort of their own home

A huge thank you to Larissa for taking the time to answer our questions about all things fitness. Please go check out her program Active Kids 2.0. You can sign up for a free trial class and see if its a good fit for your family.

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