Math Resources

Math Resources

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Here is a rundown of what we are using in Math for Fall of 2020. The Big Little is 8, the Middle Little is 6 and the Little Little is 3.

The top priority when choosing curriculum for your kids is finding something that works for the whole family. Curriculums have different approaches and expectations. Do your homework to find something that will fit your family. I just wanted to provide an example of what works for us.

  • Primary Mathematics from Singapore Math – I love these math books. They use the same basic system we were using in the Netherlands. The idea is to get kids to think mathematically. Each new concept is introduced as a concrete concept, pictorially and then abstractly. There are a ton of word problems and real-world applications. Both my Big & Middle Little use this curriculum.
  • Fun-Schooling Math Mysteries – this workbook is a great way to practice your math skills. Kids get to choose their own numbers to sub into word problems. The buy-in from the kids is a huge part of why this works. They have helped design the math problem and therefore are more excited to help solve it. There is plenty of space on each page for drawing and showing your work.
  • Practice Books from Mega Geex – I’m all about finding fun ways for the kids to practice their math. The Multiplication Fun Practice Book has been a big hit with my 8 year old. It uses dot-to-dot and other fun games to practice multiplication skills.
  • Practice Pads from Usborne Books – Math requires a lot of practicing to really cement it. Some days instead of a lesson from their main book we just do some math skills practice with a practice pad. We have been using the Math Practice Pad, Times Table Practice Pad and Graphs and Charts Activity Book for the Big Little. The wipe clean math books are a huge hit with the Middle and Little Littles. The Little Little is working on basic numbers while the Middle Little masters addition and subtraction facts.

  • Games – Games play a huge part in how we school. The Big Little loves playing Math Rush. We play it without the timer to make sure he is doing the math correctly, plus he has more fun that way. The Middle Little loves Tiny Polka Dots, a fun game about number sense. The Little Little and I bust out the domino set to work on number matching and sequencing.
  • Books – I love books, so of course I have a number of math books on hand for perusing and question answering. My First Illustrated Math Dictionary is one of my favorites. This book has examples for almost anything your kids want to know about math. It is a great way to empower kids to go find out an answer on their own.
  • Podcasts – The new podcast from Planet Money, Million Bazillion, is already a huge hit in our house. It’s an economic podcast but introduces lots of math concepts along the way
  • Videos – The best place to start your little ones is Number Blocks on Netflix.
  • Tablet Games – Prodigy is my go-to math game. My boys LOVE it, almost to the point of being annoying, but then I remember how much Math practice they are getting. The Little Little (4) is a bit young for Prodigy. Instead he uses the Montessori Preschool App and Kahn Academy Kids.

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