Our Dog Rental Experience at Dog Heart near Yoyogi Park

Our Dog Rental Experience at Dog Heart near Yoyogi Park

The Little Little has been asking for a dog for his birthday since he could speak. In our ever-evolving world of family adventures, we recently stumbled upon an extraordinary experience that made our youngest child’s dreams come true. While we can’t have a dog in our current home and our constant moving isn’t very pet friendly, we found a heartwarming solution in the heart of Tokyo, Japan: renting a dog from Dog Heart, located near Yoyogi Park.

1. Yoyogi Park: The Perfect Setting

Yoyogi Park is a vast urban oasis in the heart of Tokyo, and the ideal place for families to enjoy the outdoors. It’s known as one of the few parks in Tokyo where you can play on the grass. Each dog comes with a bag with things you might need when taking the dog to the park. We also spent 200 Yen to buy some dog treats. You can take your dog anywhere you want, but the park is a popular option. The park’s lush greenery and wide open spaces create the perfect setting for memorable adventures with your new best friend.

2. Reserving Your Perfect Companion

One crucial aspect of renting a dog from Dog Heart is making a reservation ahead of time. This can be done online, but since our Japanese language skills aren’t quite up to par, we opted to visit their facility in person. The friendly and accommodating staff assisted us in selecting a furry friend for our day of adventure. We reserved the dogs for one hour, though you can choose any time. If you want a specific dog though it’s best to make your reservation early as this is a very popular service, especially on the weekend.

If you don’t want to take a dog for a walk, you can stay at the place and just play with the dogs. They have a group playroom you can reserve and play with all the little dogs. You can also sit in a back “private room” with a dog if that is more your speed.

3. A Happy Accident: Two Dogs Are Better Than One

During our visit to Dog Heart, we stumbled upon a delightful surprise. The Little Little had his heart set on a larger, older dog. (Dog Heart has two larger dogs you can rent.) However, the dog that was available only came with a younger smaller companion dog. I’m sure this was explained to us, but thanks to the language barrier we were given two dogs when we showed up. Each dog had two leashes attached to their collar.

4. Our Doggy Date

Our day with the dogs was nothing short of magical. From the moment we met them, we could see the excitement in our youngest child’s eyes. We enjoyed a crazy walk in Yoyogi Park, the younger dog’s playful antics brought smiles and warmth to our hearts. The older, larger dog seemed unamused by our crazy crew. At one point he laid down and was unwilling to move. Luckily our Middle Little was happy to just sit with him for a bit.

5. Capturing Precious Moments

Don’t forget to bring your camera! Our day resulted in a photo album filled with cherished memories. The Little Little was over the moon, and the smiles in those pictures are priceless.

8. Returning Our Furry Friends

When our hour was up it was time to return the dogs to Dog Heart. Although it was tough saying goodbye, we knew that these furry friends would bring joy to another family. This unique experience, even with its accidental twist, filled our hearts with love and gratitude. The kids keep asking to rent a dog again soon.

9. Final Thoughts

Renting not one but two dogs from Dog Heart near Yoyogi Park was a heartwarming experience that brought immense joy to our Little Little and our entire family. It’s a creative solution for families who can’t have a dog permanently but want to enjoy the unconditional love and companionship these furry friends bring.

So, if you find yourself in Tokyo, near Yoyogi Park, and your little one dreams of a dog, consider making precious memories with a temporary furry companion from Dog Heart. Just remember to make a reservation, as you might just end up with an unexpected, yet delightful, twist to your doggy adventure. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

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