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A Day in Rovaniemi, Finland

One of the main reasons we wanted to book our own trip to Rovaniemi, as opposed to using a pre-packaged deal, was to have the freedom to explore the town of Rovaniemi. The pre-packaged tours tend to have everyone from their tour in one hotel or resort area and then move everyone to activities as […]

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Sleeping at Kasteel Terworm

At the beginning of 2016 while Jeff and I were making our “travel wish lists” we asked our three-year-old to list a few things he would like to do over the next year. The top of his list was to sleep in a real castle. As luck would have it the boys and I were […]

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Fort Bourtange in the Offseason

Fort Bourtange was another “saw it on Pinterest” bucket list find for the Netherlands. This star fort on the German border was built to control the only road from the city of Groningen into Germany, but it’s now one of the most charming places we have visited. I’ve read a few blogs about the fort overflowing […]

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