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Kids Day in Utrecht

We went back to Utrecht with a kid-friendly itinerary. Back in September for Open Monuments Weekend we spent most of our visit hauling the kids around to things we wanted to see. This time we planned an itinerary just for the kiddos. We took the train, changing from the Sprinter to the Intercity in Gouda […]

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Open Monuments Weekend in Delft

Open Monuments Weekend is our new favorite weekend. I’ve already marked it on the calendar for next year! It is a wonderful way for our family to pop into attractions and not feel guilty doing “just the overview” tour. Our kids often will not tolerate more than that. We saw a little bit of a bunch […]

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Kasteel De Haar with Kids

Sunday morning we all woke up a little bit sluggish. The cold weather has come in and the cool evenings are leaving us a bit drained. Jeff rescued the morning and made French Toast. We were sitting around the breakfast table chatting when it dawned on me that we only have 150 weekends in country, so […]

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Open Monuments Weekend in Utrecht

Its Open Monuments Weekend, which means that about 4000 monuments all over the Netherlands are open to the public for free. Some of the places can be visited year round for a fee and others are private and only viewable for this one weekend. My aunt had just sent me this great article from EuroChepo’s Budget […]

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