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House Tour Day 2 – 1st Floor

Alright,  you have seen the ground floor. Now you are ready to see the first floor.  The first floor is home to four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a laundry room. Each bedroom has a floor to ceiling storage unit, drastically reducing floor space, but increasing storage space.               Check back […]

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House Tour – Ground Floor.

You’ve asked for a house tour. I’m here to deliver. Over the next three days I’ll show you the house from bottom to top. We don’t live in the typical dutch house. We are in a modern home outside Delft Centrum. When I say modern I mean Frank Lloyd Wright modern. We have large glass […]

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Tut. Tut. It Looks Like Rain!

Today, I marked a “Netherlands Experience” off my list: Biking with the kids in the pouring rain. We started the morning by taking H, as a family, to get a much needed haircut. Lindy, the lady cutting his hair was incredibly Dutch. She continued to tell us what a terrible haircut he had gotten in […]

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Expat Packing: It’s Just Stuff

  Every few years we pack up our stuff and move. Usually I’m able to bring everything with me, this time I was given specific catagories. Carry On. Air Shipment. Boat Shipment. Storage. Trash. Everything we owned went into one of these categories. I know we are incredibly lucky to have relocation assistance. I divided […]

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What to Expect when your Expat-ing.

The countdown is on! We are starting to get things moving for our big move.  Really I’m planning more for our US “farewell” tour, which you can read about here. The planning is a nice distraction from the reality that we are moving abroad. With the house on the market and the husband house hunting in […]

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