House Tour Day 2 – 1st Floor

House Tour Day 2 – 1st Floor

Alright,  you have seen the ground floor. Now you are ready to see the first floor.  The first floor is home to four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a laundry room. Each bedroom has a floor to ceiling storage unit, drastically reducing floor space, but increasing storage space.


The master bedroom. Simple, no frills and we like it that way.


Nautical Themed Kids Room
H’s “nautical” room. He loves his big windows and hidden bookcase behind his bed.


We were surprised to find fish wallpaper in the nursery, but rolled with it. Luckily, my little one is obsessed with fish.


The Nursery. O’s current home.


Our guest room. Just waiting for our first visitors.


The upstairs hallway. Magnet and Chalkboard for the kids to do just outside the laundry room.


A gate keeps the kids off the stairs and corrals the kids for chores and our morning and evening routines.

Check back tomorrow to head upstairs to our playroom!

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