House Tour – Ground Floor.

House Tour – Ground Floor.

You’ve asked for a house tour. I’m here to deliver. Over the next three days I’ll show you the house from bottom to top.

We don’t live in the typical dutch house. We are in a modern home outside Delft Centrum. When I say modern I mean Frank Lloyd Wright modern. We have large glass windows on all outer walls and lots of sharp angles. Everyone in our neighborhood has a bit more room then you would in a typical dutch canal home, and we have a lovely yard.

We are enjoying the extra indoor space, as we have plenty of room to play on rainy days. When the sun peaks its head out, the rain quickly dries and we rush outside to play. We are a twenty minute bike ride into Delft. We are close to a few other small towns with grocery store and other amenities. Our neighborhood includes several farms, lots of animals, canals and even a windmill.

Come on in.

Front Entrance Hall


Dutch Kitchen in Modern Home.
The Kitchen.


Kitchen in Modern House
Eating area of the kitchen and small work space.


Living Room Play Space
Living Room & Play Space


Living Room Play Space
Playspace in Downstairs Living Room.


Storage in playroom.
Playspace Storage.


Desk in living room.
Larger workspace in living room.


Kids table overlooking back play area.
Backyard and Kids Workspace.

Want to see more of our house? You can see the first floor here and the playroom here.


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