Biesland Dagen (Biesland Days)

Biesland Dagen (Biesland Days)

Biesland Days is a two-day farm festival that takes place where the woods of Delft (Delftse Hout) and Den Haag (Biesland Bos) meet. We learned about it when giant cow signs went up all along our cycling route in Delftse Hout.

Riding the Tractor at Delft Farm Festival

The event takes place in several locations, all are cycling distance from each other. There is a hayride that runs between locations so you could take a ride if you did not want to load up your bicycle.

Barn Owl at Farm Festival in Delft


Falcon at Farm Festival in Delft

We easily spent all of Saturday there. The festival had tons of animals, music, food and activities for the kids to enjoy. The scattered rain showers had no impact on the crowd. We wisely donned our rain boots like the rest of the crowd and went on with our day.

Baby Cows at Farm Festival


The center of the festival was our lovely farm (Hoeve Biesland), where we have been getting our eggs, milk, meat and produce since we moved here. (Click here to watch a video of us filling our own Liter milk jugs.) Nearby, there were some activities for the kids. H most enjoyed catching creatures in the canal. Kids were given a net and a bucket with which to catch bugs, crayfish, small fish and snails. H scooped up the largest snail of the day so his catch was proudly displayed in the aquarium. Another activity was log-cutting. H was too young for this, but he was able to pick a log slice to paint and keep. There was a field with toys – a petting zoo – pony rides and just about anything else you could imagine at a local festival. The local hunters were smoking Canada goose meat to taste. A dairy was sampling their kefir and cheese. And there was a rope swing in a hay loft – pretty much the coolest thing ever.

Rope Swing at the Farm Festival


Swinging in the Barn at the Farm Festival

The real benefit of Biesland Dagen is that it gave us the chance to peek inside a handful of local businesses. We know our neighborhood and our neighbors better.

Biesland Days in our Boots

I’m already looking forward to this event again next year!


Click the Link to check out some videos from our time here in the Netherlands.
Click the button to watch a video of us filling our milk jars at the farm and other Dutch fun.


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9 thoughts on “Biesland Dagen (Biesland Days)”

  • So cute, love the last picture with your proud little boy marching along. Well done to him for catching the largest snail, we do love pond dipping ourselves, it’s a great activity for kids. It sounds like you had a fabulous time, well worth going to local agricultural events.
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

  • This sounds perfect! I’d love to go to something like this. I’m surrounded by farms where I live but there aren’t enough local activities like this. The robe swing sounds so cool and I can’t get over how many activities there are. I’d love to catch things in nets and learn about what we’ve caught. Congratulations to H for catching the biggest snail! What a great family day and the perfect time to get to know your neighbours. Thank you for linking this post to #whatevertheweather x

    • Thanks Chloe. I love the idea of getting people out to the farms and see what they are doing. We hear they do another festival in the spring when the cows get to come out of the barn after the winter. I sure hope so! They also handed out this great bird guide which is perfect since we are completely unfamiliar with the cranes and swans we see in the canals here. Thanks for stopping by. I”m really loving everything on your blog so I’m glad you found something here you enjoyed as well!

  • What a fab place to go and explore with H, it looks like there was loads for you all to see and do to make a great day out. It’s great that you had this opportunity to explore the local area and meet some of your neighbours. I’m sure H enjoyed all the different activities they put on for everyone to take part in. Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

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