Mighty Mug // Review + Give Away

Mighty Mug // Review + Give Away

You know I love my coffee. It is basically a necessity with the boys being on the go from sunup to sundown. With two kids running around and all the travel we do, my coffee gets spilled a lot.

The Mighty Mug is designed to prevent those spills caused by bumps. It has “smart grip” technology to to grip smooth, flat, solid surfaces yet be easy to lift up when you want a sip.

The Mighty Mug comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can go check them all out yourself, but here is a run down. Mighty Mug Solo fits under a single-serve coffee maker, perfect for rushing out the door. Mighty Mug Ice is perfect for those who prefer cold drinks. Mighty Mug Desk will look perfect next to your computer. Then there is, my choice, the Mighty Mug Go. It seemed appropriate, since we are always on the go. Plus it offers the widest range of uses claiming to keep drinks hot for 6 hours and cold for 12.

Dutch Dutch Goose put the Mighty Mug to the test.
Right out of the box I was amazed at how true to color the mug was. The red is beautiful and shiny just like an apple.
My Mighty Mug
I stuck the Mighty Mug to anything I could think of and it stuck! I stuck it to our granite counter to use while cooking. It stayed put through cooking and cleaning. I stuck it to our porous wood table for meals and still it stuck. Even a thrown sippy-cup was no match for the Mighty Mug.
I brought the mug to playgroup, poured my coffee in and sat in the middle of a group of kids. Even the little ones couldn’t knock this thing over! Yet, when I wanted a sip, it popped right off the wood floor.
My favorite place to stick it is on the bath tub! Now I don’t have to worry about spilling a drink while reading in the tub.
Now if only i could figure out how to stick it to my bike for while I’m riding!

If coffee (or tea) are not your thing Mighty Mug is coming out with a line of barware. It’s currently on Kickstarter, where starting at $30 you can get a set of 2 wine glasses.

The nice people at Mighty Mug are giving away a free mug to Dutch Dutch Goose readers. Click here to enter.  The winner will receive a $30 gift certificate that covers the cost of a mug and shipping to the U.S. If you live outside the US, you will need to cover the additional cost of shipping.

** The giveaway has ended but you can still receive 20% off your oder by using this link.**


I received a Mighty Mug free for review. All opinions are my own. This giveaway will end Tuesday, October 20th 2015. 


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  • Such an amazing product. 😀 A real saver around kids! And the fact it fits in the car is also super good as Hubbs needs his tea on his way to work! hehe

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