La Trappe Brewery in Tilburg

La Trappe Brewery in Tilburg

Tilburg is home to the La Trappe Monastery and Brewery.  We made what I hope is our first of many stops here.

Entrance to La Trappe

The brewery’s location makes it the perfect stop for lunch. We were not disappointed by the lunch offerings or the beer. I had a salad that was to die for. I saw tons of them coming out of the kitchen so I knew that is what I had to order. Jeff and the kids were equally happy with their choices. In addition to making beer the monks also bake bread and cookies – so we ordered those as well.

La Trappe with Kids

La Trappe offers tours, although with our little ones in tow we decided to forgo the tour and just grab some lunch. If you choose not to take the tour you are unable to see any of the monastery. We will certainly be back to take the tour and hopefully to do some of the beer bike trail.

La Trappe Brewery Bar


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La Trappe Brewery

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