Me & Mine Linkup – December 2015

Me & Mine Linkup – December 2015

2015 has been an amazing year of travel for us. We’ve seen Albuquerque, Orlando, Disney World, Atlanta, D.C., Amelia Island, Erie, New York City, London, Antwerp. Plus we’ve done driving tours in Germany & the Netherlands.

We are not sending out Christmas cards this year. The whole ‘living internationally thing’ put a damper on it. Ordering Christmas cards is hard here, so is mailing them. Plus, we are sharing our adventures on this blog, so hopefully anyone who wants to know what we are up to does!

We love all the cards we are getting though! As usual I snap pictures of all the cards with my phone and make a screensaver for our computer and TV with them. I also assign them as photos in my phone so we see your lovely face every time we chat.

In light of not sending out cards, I thought I would feature a few “might have been” pictures for the December Me & Mine Linkup.

Our trip to NYC let us say goodbye to the U.S. There is nothing quite like the bustle of Times Square. Amazingly we were all looking at the camera.


Times Square Family Photo


This gem is from our London visit to the Sky Garden. I think this photo perfectly sums up what it is like to travel with us and truly makes me appreciate photos where we are all looking! Way to go Jeff!

NYC Famly Photo

Everyone is actually looking in this lovely family photo from the Heidelberg Castle. The kids were obsessed with this Christmas tree and running around the courtyard.

Family Photo Nuremberg

Sometimes we wear both the kids and then at least everyone’s “in” the picture. I think the little one was too busy enjoying the sights to look at the camera.

Palace Trier Family Photo

I hope you had a wonderful 2015 and will join us back here in 2016 as we continue our quest to get a decent family photo on our travels!

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