Breda Farm & Playground

Breda Farm & Playground

Wolfslaar in Breda was the perfect place for the kids to enjoy some outside time. This free playground, park and farm has plenty to offer for the whole family.

The water playground, fairly typical of Dutch playgrounds, is always a big hit with our kids. This one had different tracks you can send the water down by using dams. There were areas that were low enough so little O could enjoy some water play as well.

Water Play in Breda

There are little tractors scattered around the property you can enjoy. They are tethered just like the carts at the supermarket. Insert your 50 cent coin to release the lock and you get your coin back when you return the tractor. The boys loved pushing each other around the farm.

Breda Playground Tractors

There are small play structures scattered all over the property. This one that looks like a tractor was one of the boys’ favorites, but it seemed like around every corner there was something fun to check out. Breda Playground Tractor in the Sand


Wolfslaar has plenty of animals and gardens to check out as well.  There was a vegetable garden that was being prepared for the next season. The kids loved walking through and seeing what was growing. Horses and bunnies in the barn were the highlight for little O.  The giant pigs outside in the pen were enjoying some fresh mud, squealing with glee.

Breda Horse

One of the outdoor playground is shared between kids and goats. H loved running around and looking at all the goats, hoping they would chase him around the play structures.

Breda Playground with Goats

This rope bridge led out of the goat area and into the pig and barn area. H and I crossed the bridge and sent Jeff and little O around on the push tractor.

Breda Playground Crossing Water

When you are all done and in need of a rest, hop into the cafe for some coffee and cake. They have plenty of toys for the kids to enjoy while you relax. This is also where we found our fist Wandering Book. (Read more about wandering books here.)

Breda Playground Cafe

We did not even check out the full property. The Visitors Center,  Natural Garden & Amphitheater and extensive walking paths are all waiting to be explored on our next visit.

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