Photographs From the Edge // Book Review

Photographs From the Edge // Book Review

Photographs From the Edge combines the beautiful photos of nature photographer Art Wolfe with his insights on how he captured each of the photos. This is a wonderful book to add to a travel or photo book collection. Sure, it makes a great coffee table book, but it’s so much more!

As a traveler I was inspired by the photos, many of which are taken in parts of the world we have yet to experience. I found myself Googling locations to plan future trips, based solely on a single photo.


My kids were captivated by the photos as well. The animals in particular captured their imaginations. Lions and their cubs, a flock of flamingos with a lone hippo and penguins, ranked among their favorites.


The photographs are arranged by decade. Each page has a paragraph which tells the story of the photo, a bit about how the photographer ended up where he did and his inspiration for the specific equipment and angles used. Two small text boxes highlight the subject of the picture and a specific photo tip relating to the photo.

Wolfe makes good use of every white space, having placed photos on the hardcover, inside covers and throughout the front matter. Quite appropriately, Wolfe included an index so you can quickly find a topic of interest. Some photos occupy a portion of one page while others fill two-page spreads. Wolfe does a fine job taking you to a place, giving you the perspective of someone knee-deep in the experience. And while some readers may not understand “f/22 for 1/400 sec., ISO 2000,” perhaps that will inspire readers to learn more about the art. Because browsing Photographs From the Edge is inspiring and exciting.

Although many of the tips and tricks are well beyond my photography skills (or gear), many provide inspiration on what to look for when composing a travel photo.


We are excited to add this book to our collection. I know I will find house guests nestled on the couch browsing through it on rainy days. It is sure to become one of my favorite travel inspiration books as well.

I received this book for free from Blogging for Books in exchange for this review.  This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

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