Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller // Review

Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller // Review

In my continuing search for the perfect travel stroller I may have found a winner. (I know that is a big claim!) The Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller meets almost all of my needs with only a few small annoyances. I’ve tested enough strollers to know that there is no perfect stroller, but this one comes close!

The Mountain Buggy Nano weighs less then 13 lbs and when folded measures  21 x 12 x 20 (inches). If you’re like me and those dimensions mean nothing to you it means that it easily fits in the overhead bins of large planes and all trains.

Mountain Buggy Nano in overhead bin of a high speed train in Italy.

We did have to stow it in the coat box of a smaller plane on our way home from Florence. The travel bag is included. I love not having to gate check the stroller!

Mountain Buggy Nano in overhead bin of airplane.

Folding it is easy but requires two free hands. Unfolding can easily be done with one hand. The first time we tried to take it onto an airplane, the ticket agent said we’d have to check the stroller. We told him that it would fold up and fit in the overhead bin. He didn’t believe us. We insisted and sure enough, this stroller actually fits in the overhead bin. Let’s reflect on this a moment. Folks, this is a huge engineering accomplishment. Think about it. This is a stroller that effortlessly folds into a backpack-sized bag. The Mountain Buggy Nano designers are wizards.

The stroller also fits folded into my bike with either 2 kids or the baby seat. I’m working on how to get it in there when I have all three kids in the bike.

The Mountain Buggy Nano has universal infant car seat compatibility. We tested it with both the MaxiCosi we use in the bike and the Britax B-Safe we use in the car.

The installation is simple. You recline the seat, use the attached straps and then some bungie cords. Jeff is not a fan of the bungie cords because they are separate pieces that can easily get lost. We loop ours around the stroller when we don’t have the seat installed as a stop-gap measure. Still, their presence means that our older two children like to play with them and tug on them.

Two-year old comfortably seated in the Mountain Buggy Nano.

The two year old and four year old were both comfortable riding in the stroller. It has a five point harness, but due to the design of the buckle you can also just use the shoulder straps, which my four year old prefers. Jeff prefers this too, as he doesn’t think a five point restraint is always necessary.

There is a bassinet attachment you can purchase separately. We use this as our travel stroller. (I have a Baby Jogger City Select to use around town.) The bassinet does not fold down, so it is not convenient for us.

The stroller handles as well as one can expect on Europe’s uneven cobblestone streets. It is better than our other umbrella strollers. It’s much lighter making it easy to lift and push. It however, doesn’t do as well as the City Select on cobblestone streets. But we know stroller choice is a give-and-take. Sometimes you need a Nano, sometimes you need a City Select.

The basket is on the small side of strollers I’ve tried, but that was expected given its ability to fold down. You can easily stash kiddo snacks and water bottles. A small diaper bag like my JuJuBe Be Quick easily fits, but larger bags will not. The light weight also means that hanging things off the back is not a good idea.

The only disadvantage of the stroller is that I end up kicking the wheel lock every now and then. This brings us all to an abrupt hault. I’ve had this problem with other strollers.

Overall though this compact stroller makes a huge difference in how we manage our travel gear. The stroller is always something we want to bring but have trouble managing when we have all our luggage. This stroller mostly eliminates that challenge. Plus it was a great way to hold our infant car seat

The Mountain Buggy Nano is a big win for traveling families!

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  • The Mountain Buggy Nano is probably the best compact stroller out there in my opinion. So lightweight, but still packs so many features. Easy to carry around or put it on a plane.. or vitrtually anywhere. 🙂 I love it and it seems I’m not the only one. 🙂

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