Holiday Gifts for Family Travelers

Holiday Gifts for Family Travelers

I am always on the lookout for gear that helps make everything about traveling a little bit easier. Here are five easy picks to put under the tree so you can take them on another adventure with your whole family in tow.

  1. The Moonlite Story Projector. I love this one so much that I wrote a whole article for SLATE about it. The Moonlite Projector is a great way to bring story time with you when you are on the go. If you already own the projector pop a few new discs into your kid’s stockings for hours of reading fun, no matter where you are. 
  2. Toddler Monitor. This door hanging alarm syncs with your smartphone and tags along no matter where you go. Use it to monitor your toddler’s bedroom door or the door to the outside. It’s perfect for Airbnbs or sliding glass doors. It is a bit of peace of mind since we always have more kids than adults. 
  3. Privacy Pop. When you’re trying to squeeze the whole family into one hotel room the privacy pop can make one room feel like two. The fast and simple set up makes it easy to travel with. Throw a travel noise machine in there and your child may not know you’re all in the same room. 
  4. Flip & Tumble Bags. I seem to always need another bag when we are on the go. These bags pack super small, so throw one at the bottom of your purse and another in the back of the stroller and of course one in the diaper bag. Then when your child does the craft at the art museum or runs through the fountain, you have somewhere to store all that extra stuff. The Flip & Tumble bags come in a variety of styles. I love both the bookbag and grocery bag options. 
  5. Silicone Storage Bags. You always need snacks when traveling with kids and these silicone storage bags are perfect for bringing along fresh fruit, vegetables or whatever your kids are currently into. They easily wash clean and hold up better than fabric bags. Plus you can feel good that you’re not using single use plastic. 

I hope you found something that might help you travel better with your kids and fit nicely under your tree.

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