Making Our House A Home

Making Our House A Home

I’m packing up for the moment we have been waiting for – closing on our house in Florida. I’ve been nesting for months in anticipation of this moment. I’m ready to turn this Florida house into our home for the next few years. 

The nesting instinct took hold early. I’ve been re-arranging Airbnbs all summer and fall to make them feel more like home. I turned the basement of my parent’s house into a full scale homeschool and play room for the kids. I even rearranged a friend’s house we were visiting, something I’m not sure she has recovered from. (Sorry Michaela!)

Finally, all this energy has a place to go – my own home. 

We close on Friday and then I will post some photos of the empty house along with some outlines for some of the projects we are hoping to take on in the house. We are excited to make a space our own after being renters for three years and mostly focusing on traveling. We have gained so much inspiration from all the designs we have seen in Europe that we can’t wait to bring some of that to our new home.

I also checked out a bunch of design books from the library just to feed that nesting urge. Out of everything I checked out I’m really loving the Domino Decorating Book Box Set. These books are a reference book for everything home design and are packed with information. I also really enjoyed browsing the pages of Keep It Simple, which is chock full of beautiful photos and ideas. Then I got completely sucked into the story behind The Nesting Place and the many homes Myquillyn has lived in and decorated.

The first challenge will be that we have three shipments of goods headed our way. The shipment of our main household goods from our Dutch house is already in Florida waiting to be delivered. The shipment that sat in storage in Colorado, the same one that suffered damage from a roof crashing down on it and then being inundated with rain, is scheduled to be delivered at the end of November. Our “fast” shipment from the Netherlands won’t make it here till early December. It is going to take a while to pull it all together.

We also face some massive replacements. We hobbled out of the United States with many of our appliances and goods at the end of their life. We knew they would need to be replaced when we returned from the Netherlands. 

Normally we would have packed all our cleaning supplies and such into a box to take with us in the car. With an overseas move we arrive without access to any of that. 

Our mattresses are old…like embarrassingly old. So we are shopping for new ones, with so many online options.

Our master bed was smashed by a roof caving in on it. We’ve opted to replace it with a king sized bed from Ikea. 

We are on the hunt for a new vacuum cleaner.  (How are there so many options!) 

The good news is that in all the chaos Jeff already bought a kayak…so we are good to go boating if nothing else!

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