Date Night at Home

Date Night at Home

Date Night in Box Brought the Date Night to us. 

We’ve been absolutely crazy setting up house in Florida! There is quite a bit of work to be done here and we are constantly busy with the kids. So, the idea of a date night being sent to our door was terribly appealing. 

The November Date Night In Box was all about giving thanks. It was just what we needed to reconnect for the evening. 

Before your box arrives you are emailed a suggested recipe and a link to a Spotify playlist. Honestly, we were so underwater with the house move we completely bypassed the meal plan. We ate normal dinner with the kids and as soon as they went to bed we loaded the Spotify playlist and popped open our box. 

The box was packed full of fun activities and we couldn’t wait to get started. We settled down outside and read through our packet together. The first activity involved donating a book. We knew just the place to put this book – in the Little Library Jeff and the Big are busy building. So we tucked it away for a few more weeks till the project is finished. It was a lovely way to start our evening off. 

Then it was time to make our ice cream caramel floats. Everything we needed except for the milk and ice were included in the box. We had a lot of fun making the ice cream in a bag and warming up the apple cider.

We followed the directions exactly as laid out and before we knew it we had ice cream and caramel. Then we topped it off with the apple cider. 

Unfortunately, we were not huge fans of the drink! We ended up just going back to our tea. Honestly, it was funnier this way. We laughed a bunch as we painstakingly made the ice cream and cider, so it was pretty funny when we both disliked the outcome. 

The next activity involved writing notes of gratitude for each other and hiding them around the house. Jeff got right up to hide all his and I’ve been finding them everywhere. Some are funny and some are sweet, but they are so much fun to discover each day. I hid some of mine and kept a few more to hide at a later date. 

Staying on the theme of gratitude we completed a craft of a gratitude board. We put ours in our bathroom. It’s been a great way to stay thankful toward each other as we face all the challenges of a new home. 

We finished off our night with a fun word game. Jeff and I can both be quite competitive. I’m a terrible speller though so it was unbelievable that I won two rounds of this game! He was such a good sport. 

We really loved our Date Night In! When a box arrives at your door it is easy to find time for your date night. 

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