Walter + Ray Travel Accessories // Review

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Walter + Ray make some amazing space saving travel gear. They first caught my attention when I was searching on Pinterest for anything that might increase the usable space of the seat back pocket. As you probably know, when you’re traveling with kids there are just a lot of little things that end up everywhere. There isn’t much room these days in your airplane seat and honestly I’m a bit weary of stuffing items into the seat back pocket, particularly those that are going in baby’s mouth. The seat back pocket can also eat things – it’s easy to forget items stored there. I also love to have my space clean and organized. Cue the Walter + Ray products.

The Tab Fit was the perfect organizer to address my needs. This little bag is packed full of pockets to keep everything organized on a flight. The bag has a built-in RFID security shield so I didn’t need to worry about my credit card or passports being stored in my bag.

I put everything I would need during the flight into this little bag before we left the house. Once we got on the plane I used the magnetic tabs to click it to the seat back pocket. Once zipped open I had a ton of clean storage. I did not have to stuff things into the seat back pocket, which I’m weary of particularly with items the Little Little is going to chew on.

Once installed though I could easily grab everything I needed. I particularly loved having my headphones in their own pocket. It seems like once the kids are all set up and I reach for my headphones they are always all tangled into everything else in the bag. When the Little Little fell asleep I easily grabbed my headphones and plugged them in, getting some prime podcast listening time in on the flight.

Although there is plenty of space to hang the bag in front of my seat, I took advantage of having the kids seats and hung it in front of my Middle Little. He didn’t seem to mind at all. The bag has a headphones hook that was the perfect place to hang the kids’ headphones when they went to the bathroom. It kept everything so nice and neat!

I also tried to use the Tab Fit as my purse for the trip. At the end of the day it just did not have enough space to hold everything I needed as a mom. This bag would be perfect for an adult that did not need to carry extras for the kids. Walter + Ray makes a larger version, The Travel Messenger Bag, that may have better suited my needs as both a seat back organizer and as a day pack for the family.

We gifted my mom the Light Seatback Pocket Organizer after she left a cross stitch she was completing in the seat back pocket. Now she packs everything into this organizer and places it in the seat back pocket. When the flight is over you just lift it out and have everything you started with all contained. It also means you’re not sticking your stuff into whatever guck has fallen to the  bottom of those pockets.

We also tried out a few of the Walter + Ray accessories. The Armpillow seemed super silly but now is something I love traveling with. It really does make the armrest more comfortable and my little ones even used it as a pillow. They loved that it didn’t move around.

We also loved the Bendyman. This little accessory is perfect for just about everything and hardly takes up any room. He can hold a phone, be a bookmark and is the perfect little flashlight.

Walter + Ray continues to roll out new products for organized travelers. They’ve had several successful Kickstarter campaigns for new products so keep your eyes on what they have coming your way.

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