Renting a Boat in Croatia – With Kids

Renting a Boat in Croatia – With Kids

The highlight of our Croatia trip was renting a boat and seeing the coastline and surrounding islands. We loved the freedom to explore and be on our own schedule. The prices are reasonable and boats are plentiful, so no matter where you are getting a boat is possible.

Like many of the other aspects of our Croatia trip, actually renting the boat was an experience in and of itself. Jeff walked to the marina at the Solaris Beach Resort the day before we wanted to get a boat to make a reservation. Everything through the resort was booked but someone ‘knew a guy.’ We were told to be waiting at the dock the next morning and to be ready to pay in cash for the boat rental plus gas.

The next morning we were waiting at the dock when our boat pulled up. The boys could not have been more excited to be heading out on our own boat. We all boarded the boat and Jeff discussed our plan for a bit of exploration while the water was still calm. Our half-day adventure would include visiting a few of the islands, a hidden beach and a popular swimming spot before delivering us back to the dock.

The boat was well maintained and clearly is available to rent! We got everyone on board and then took off. There were life jackets for the littles to wear on board.

Our Big Little got a chance to drive. He loved being the captain of the boat. We tooled around a few of the islands getting a view of the landscapes.

Next we pulled into Prvic Island. We docked in the back near some houses and a water polo court in the ocean. Our driver helped us weave our way to the island center.

I think likely any island in this area will have the same charm. A completely different feeling from being on the mainland.

We strolled through the quiet town. There were people out and about, but everything was moving at a more leisurely pace. We found a little bakery and bought treats for everyone to enjoy in the sunshine.

We found a small rock beach and went for a swim. The rock beaches around Croatia are tough on the toes, so water shoes are advised. Even with the water shoes I had trouble with the rocks. The water felt amazing though and is worth the risk. The sound of the water over the stones is something I will never forget.

We hopped back on the boat. The wind had picked up a bit and we were blowing everywhere!

We headed to Tijat Bay where we had to fight for a spot in this pristine bay. Everyone was there hanging out and enjoying the sun. Our driver got into a bit of a spat with an Italian who was trying to hold a spot for his friends. Our guy was funny but firm and we had the perfect swimming spot for the hour we spent there.

Jeff got the Big and Middle into the water for a bit. Neither really enjoyed the open water swimming. I think they were intimidated by all the boats floating around. I got in for a quick swim as well.

We enjoyed some sun, and the Little Little napped. We had packed lunch so this also seemed like the perfect place to enjoy our meal.

Jeff had stocked up at the grocery store the night before on a variety of finger foods from fruit to charcuterie. I can’t think of a more perfect way to enjoy some time on the water.

We had one last stop at St. Nicola’s Fortress.

We floated around and enjoyed the views. Plus we got a family photo with everyone looking. (The middle little is peaking around in the middle there.) This is a must visit if you’ve rented a boat. The approach is only from the sea and it’s stunning in person.

Then it was time to head back to the resort for some out of the sun time! We were exhausted from our exploration but glad we got a chance to see a few of the many many islands of Croatia. I certainly wished we had time to see more of the country from the sea.

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