KeepEmQuiet Activity Packs // Review

KeepEmQuiet Activity Packs // Review

Entertaining the littles when traveling is a huge stressor for parents. We are always on the lookout for activities we can bring along that don’t take up too much room, will keep the kids entertained and won’t be annoying to us and fellow travelers. We love digital tablets and find them hugely helpful, but also like to have off-line options.

There are a variety of great lists out there with ideas about what to pack to keep kids entertained. I even put one together for Bebe Voyage that you can view here.

Sometimes though it’s hard to pull everything together or to find the little things you want. I mean, who wants to drive across town twice to stop at five different stores? That is where KeepEmQuiet comes in. They have pre-assembled packs that they mail to you. They come in lovely little bags that make them easy to keep track of.

The packs are put together based on your preferences when you order. You tell KeepEmQuiet the age and sex of your child and the length of your trip.

My only complaint is that I wish the bags weren’t labeled as “for boys” and “for girls.” Instead I wish they were classified by interest. There is also a “gender neutral” choice. I looked over many of the bags and my boys are just as into some of the “for girl” items.

We were extremely happy with our pack. It had a variety of different activities and snacks to keep everyone happy. We used the activities not only on the plane but also throughout our trip.

The craft was perfect for when our littles joined us for drinks. They kept busy and even put on a quiet show when they were done, much to the delight of the restaurant staff.

The activity pack was perfect for our down time on a cruise ship as well. We loved that for the most part the activities were ones we could complete and then toss. We didn’t bring much home. We used art to decorate our doors on the cruise and we used some of the art for thank you notes. The workbooks in the activity pack were completed on the trip and then tossed.

The KeepEmQuiet packs are a great way to introduce your kids to some new activities at a reasonable price with minimal effort. This would also be a great gift to give a traveling family.

We received a KeepEmQuiet Kit for free in exchange for this review. All opinions however are our own. 

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