CozyPhones // Review

CozyPhones // Review

This post contains affiliate links. 

When I first saw these headband headphones I wasn’t sure what to think. Then I got my hands on a pair and declared them genius. They’ve made traveling with little ones a bit easier and I’ve even got a pair!

The CozyPhones are essentially headphones tucked into a fleece headband. They come in a range of adorable designs that are sure to please your kids. My Middle Little chose the fox, and they are just too cute! (There are a range of fun designs from a unicorn to a monster.)

The headband design keeps these headphones on his head. As a three year old other headphones would slide forward or backwards as he wiggles around. He couldn’t always get the headphones situated on his own. The cozy headphones eliminate this problem, staying put once you put them on.

The sound quality is not great, but is perfectly sufficient for a three year old. My Big Little, now nearly six, is annoyed that they don’t block out outside sound, but I like that they don’t get too loud.

When you place them on your toddlers’ head you will need to wiggle the ear pieces into place. They tend to slip towards the back of the headband while stored. If I don’t get them just right my three year old tends to scream “I can’t hear anything!” over and over until I fix them. Ah…three year olds.

The CozyPhones have one cord that comes out the back. This is great as it avoids tangles, a problem we’ve had with other headphones.

In terms of travel these headphones pack up small enough to fit in a snack sized Ziplock bag!

I got a pair of CozyPhones to try out as well. Turns out they are quite handy for parents too. I prefer the sound quality of my noise canceling headphones or my iPhone earbuds, but have found a ton of uses for the CozyPhones. Turns out my husband likes them too – or is he just being silly?

I like to listen to podcasts at night after the kids are asleep in the room. The CozyPhones are perfect for this. The one cord in the back and soft headband mean I can listen while laying down in the bed without getting tangled or being uncomfortable.

I also love the CozyPhones for bike riding. When I ride alone I like to listen to music or a podcast. The CozyPhones fit under my hat and don’t fall out or get pulled out the same way earbuds do. I can run the one cord under the back of my jacket and it never gets caught on my handlebars. The decreased sound quality is actually a bonus because I can still hear everything around me but can also hear my podcast.

The CozyPhones are also perfect for when I get migraines. I’ve been listening to binaural music that has underlying sound waves that help stop headaches. (I currently love this Migraine Relief music.) You need headphones for this to work and laying down in earbuds or larger headphones isn’t comfortable. The CozyPhones are perfect: they pack up so small it’s easy to have them with me on trips and store them near my bed.

I received CozyPhones in exchange for an honest review. As always all opinions are my own. This post also contains affiliate links. If you purchase through one of these links Dutch, Dutch, Goose receives a small payment at no cost to you. 

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