Pony Park City Packing List

Pony Park City Packing List

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As we were getting ready for our trip to Pony Park City in the Netherlands we couldn’t quite figure out what we needed to bring. We’ve created this Pony Park City Packing List to help you make the most of your time visiting Pony Park City. Some of these items are standard European Vakantie Park items, but others are unique to Pony Park City.

Pony Park City Packing List

  • Rope to secure your horse into your cabin area. You need ~ 50′.
  • Boots. Rain or Cowboy but something that you don’t mind getting muddy and can easily be washed when you step in horse poop.
  • Kids Cowboy Hat. All the kids were decked out in horse gear so your little one is sure to want something fun to wear. We received a straw hat at check in. You could also just embellish a hat you already have. Buy something on site or save a bit and bring something from home.
  • Horse Treats. We stuck with a sack of apples and carrots. We did see other people who had hung salt licks for their horses to enjoy in their yard.
  • Horse Brush. You can also purchase one at the horse store on property. They also sell these full grooming kits.
  • Costumes. There is a Ms. Pony competition for all riders and ponies. Everyone dresses up and an award is given to the “most original.”
  • Small Elastics. Everyone loves doing the horses hair, even our boys got into it. Come prepared with some small elastics and ribbon. If you need some inspiration check out Cowboy Magic’s article, Beautiful Horse Hairstyles. All hairstyles must be undone at the end of each day.


  • Sheets, Pillow Cases and Duvet Cover. Pillows and a duvet are provided in the cabin but that is all. You can rent a package of sheets and towels if bringing them isn’t possible. The bunks are twin beds and the couch pulls out to a double bed.

  • Bath Towels. You’ll need towels for showers, swimming and hanging out at the new lake beach. These are not provided.
  • Dish Towels. You’ll want a few towels for washing and drying dishes and wiping down surfaces.
  • Dish Soap. There are dishes in the cabin but you’ll need dish soap to keep everything clean.
  • Paper Towels. Paper products like paper towels and napkins are not provided so make sure you pack a few to bring with you. You can also purchase these at the general store on the property.
  • Toilet Paper. We were provided one roll for the weekend, I’m not sure if you get any more if your stay is longer.
  • Bathing Suit. With an indoor pool and a lakeside beach you are sure to want to take a dip at some point during your visit.

If you’re looking for more information about Pony Park City, you can read our full run down of our visit here.

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