Delft Photography Tour // Photos

Delft Photography Tour // Photos

I’ve been charmed by Delft since the moment we first set foot here three years ago. I walk the streets daily and I am still in complete awe of Delft’s charm. Little did I know how much more I would discover about this charming city through the Delft Photography Tour.

The Delft Photography Tour is perfect for visitors and locals alike. I set out with four girlfriends early one Sunday morning to explore Delft from behind the lens. You don’t need any type of special equipment. I shot with both my Canon Rebel T5i and my iPhone during the tour. The other ladies’ equipment also varied from fancy camera to iPhone.

You start the tour with a small handout about the goals for the tour. Mandy wants everyone to leave the tour with some beautiful photos of Delft. The handout helps focus and challenge you to take specific types of photos as you venture out. Mandy also showed us examples of each type of photo. This really set the mood and got us thinking about photo composition. (I shared the outcome of the challenge for me at the bottom of this post.)

Once we set out, the tour is a combination of self-directed and guided. Mandy walked us to some of her favorite spots in the city, highlighting how to get a specific shot. She had us all shoot specific things and compare photos. I loved seeing how different four shots of the same thing could be.

We shot the intersection of two identical buildings. 

Everyone’s photos came out slightly different. I really focused on the center point, which almost divides the photo into perfect fourths. 

Other times we were free to wander down a street on our own. We followed our own path.

Mandy would check in on each of us to see how we were doing. She was always nearby when we had questions. I really wanted to capture this decorative grate covering a door but was really struggling. Mandy coached me into trying some different angles and adjusting my lighting. A few shots later I had exactly what I was looking for.

Mandy said that although she typically takes tours on the same route she is continuously finding new details along her path. 

I honestly felt like I was seeing Delft in a whole new light. The streets I had walked a thousand times opened up. It felt incredibly luxurious to wander the streets and take the time to really see the details. Mandy also knows all the best places to take photos. She guides you into some hidden gardens and small spaces around the city that even as locals, we haven’t seen before.

As a tourist the Delft Photography Tour would be a way to see the city, learn about its heritage with a local and walk away with a homemade souvenir. 

We were all enjoying our time so much that we ended up settling in for coffee on Puro Cucina’s outdoor benches to look at photos, chat about our lives in Delft and enjoy their delicious scones.

The Delft Photography tour is a wonderful way to enjoy Delft. It is perfect for locals, newbies getting to know Delft and those just passing through. You are guaranteed to walk away with amazing photos and a new perspective.

A Peek at My Delft Phototour Challenge

Here is a peek at how the tour expanded my pictoral range. 

A Composition with Specific Lining Toward A Subject 

 Reflection in the Water of A Subject 

Golden Ratio 

A Clear Contrast 

Creative Composition, Involving A Colored Wall 

An Animal in the City 

Interesting Structure 


Typical Object for Delft 

Clear Layers 

Natural Frame 

Creative Portrait 

Storytelling Photo 

Surprising Object 

I’m also completely obsessed with taking photos of flowers so here are a few of my favorites from the tour.

After the tour was over I felt like I was left with such a lovely composition of photos I turned them into a photo book. 

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