Homeschool School Photos

Homeschool School Photos

Just because we are homeschooling doesn’t mean we are missing out on the time-honored tradition of school photos. Instead of the cheesy, posed photos – chin up, turn to the left, next – we found a local photographer to take incredibly personal school photos.

We happen to be good friends with the very talented photographer behind ElleBurns Photography. She offers “Fine Art School Photos” that aim to capture the personality of the child. I was excited when she told me she was happy to offer the sessions for homeschool groups!

My kids can be quite difficult in front of the camera. With three of them, one is nearly always not pleased to be taking photos. Even with my difficult children, we were able to get adorable photos of all three kids.

It’s easy to arrange a homeschool photo day! (So don’t think it’s not offered near you. You just need to set it up!) ElleBurns Photogrophy brought her simple black backdrop and took about three to five minutes with each child. Less than a day later the parents all got digital proofs and could order digital copies or prints online. No money was due until you placed an order.

Her prices were much more reasonable then the school photos we had done last year for with the Middle Little’s VPK. Plus, you are getting digital proofs and not wasting paper on “send home proof and paper ordering” – my absolute pet peeve.

While my kid’s traditional school photos were cute, the cheapest school package was over $60 and it was well over $100 for me to get a digital copy (what I really want) for even one photo. When you arrange for a local photographer to do school photos you are likely to get what you want.

I also really enjoyed being able to get photos of all the boys. In the past, with kids at different schools, I had photos that didn’t match which made it hard to put together coherent photo projects for the house or gifts for the grandparents. My Little Little still isn’t in school so he wouldn’t typically have these photos done, but ElleBurns Photography was happy to have him hop in and have a photo taken.

So, if you’re homeschooling (or just looking for better school photo options) then contacting your local photographer is a great idea. Use Facebook to get a group of people together and have a fun time resulting in amazing photos.

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