Follow Friday: @HIYAPAPAYAPHOTOADAY on Instagram

Follow Friday: @HIYAPAPAYAPHOTOADAY on Instagram

I’m really loving Instagram for quickly sharing travel moments that are not large enough for a blog post in and of themselves. Playing around with photographing small details is fun and leaves me with a very visual memory. It is a departure from the time I spend trying to capture the kids. It is a moment just for me…and all my Instagram followers!

The lovely and talented Lindsay, my photographer friend who has taken all of our wonderful family photos featured on this blog, recommended I use photo prompts as a way to encourage my exploration of the world with a camera.

I looked through a few on Pinterest. I finally found one on Instagram! I like the prompts provide inspiration, but I love that I get to see other takes on the same prompt.

Each month @HIYAPAPAYAPHOTOADAY posts the prompts and hashtags in calendar. Every day the account posts a reminder for that day’s particular prompt along with a photo. You can tag up to 8 of your new or old photos, but nothing previously featured.

To my surprise and utter delight in my first month of participation my photos were ‘featured’ twice.


Even if taking photos are not your thing, the visual beauty of each days frames are a delight. In my opinion it is worth checking out.

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