My Week In Pictures

We just had one of those unbelievable weeks while my husband was traveling and my sister was here for a visit. We’ve had so many highs and lows this week that it only seemed fitting to recap it all in photos.

Monday was a holiday, so we were all able to go and drop Jeff off at the airport. We rocked the new Greentom stroller, made entirely from recycled plastic bottles! (You can read the review of the stroller I wrote for Bébé Voyage here.) Jeff took the Standard Suitcase with him and is loving it!

We went to the roof of Schiphol Airport and watched my sister’s flight land and pull into the gate.

We found my sister and grabbed some coffee. The kids love playing on the large letters of “I amsterdam” before heading to the car.

I’ve been seeing baby swans all over and this makes me so happy. They are just so fluffy. You have to be careful though, as mom and dad are not thrilled about you stalking their kids.


We grabbed coffee with friends. We’ve found a great new place in Delft for a mama’s coffee. The play area is amazing and the coffee is good.


Rain. There are so many things I love about living in the Netherlands, but sometimes the rain is soul crushing. In this particular instance, we had to stop because my tire had gone flat. I had the pump with me and we were able to make it home.

We changed the bike tire with a little help from Hello Bicycle! and a You Tube Video from Trek.


After school fort building was a huge success. We set up a movie inside the tent for fun.


The farm had new piglets and set out some treats to celebrate. We stopped by for milk, eggs and bread … and stayed for the party.


The big little went to a birthday party full of animals to hold. He was over the moon.


Meanwhile, back at our house, the Snails H has been “studying” laid eggs.

Then it got so warm that we had to bring out the backyard swimming pool!



Elizabeth is a Type A, Attorney turned Stay-at-Home Mom, who moved her family across the Atlantic for an adventure. She can often be found out and about finding fun things for her littles to do. Elizabeth loves to read, craft and chat with friends. She will try just about anything and loves to share her experiences.

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