Paagman Bookstore, Den Haag

Paagman Bookstore, Den Haag

When we first moved to the Netherlands, Den Haag felt like a huge city. I mostly kept to the quiet corners of Delft, venturing into Den Haag only when necessary for appointments or a visit to the Apple Store. I would accomplish my task and quickly head back to my own little corner of the world. As I’ve become more comfortable Den Haag has shrunk and feels ripe for exploring. Appointments are now jumping off points for exploring an area of The Hague in detail.

Den Haag is lovely, full of of beautiful brick homes with stores on the ground floor. You can be walking through a neighborhood and discover an amazing playground or park tucked away in the corner. You will all of a sudden happen upon a shopping area that runs a few blocks and then ends as quickly as it started.

Today while the Big Little was at an appointment the little boys and I happened upon one of the Paagman Bookstores (Frederik Hendriklaan 217). This adorable bookstore is a hodge podge of things that blend together beautifully.

The children’s section was the most inviting for us. Most of the books are in Dutch, but your children won’t mind.

The store is whimsical. Each set of shelves comes to life in a different way. This bookcase full of pre-teen mystery thrillers has an eye that opens while the clock face swishes around.

There are stairs to be climbed into a little nook where you can watch trumpets come out of the kids shelves and a small puppet show be performed every few minutes.

A teacup chair with headphones playing animal noises and songs is always a favorite.

Plus there is a TV and fun pink swirly bench in sight of the adult section. It’s perfect for keeping little ones occupied while big ones browse.

There is a cafe in the back that looks like the perfect place to grab a cup and meet a friend. They have a decent sized English section and a huge travel section, so it’s a store after my own heart.

Just around the corner is a huge playground that even on rainy days is occupied. There are plenty of stores and places to grab a quick bite in the neighborhood and all of this is just a block from Museon and the Gemeente Museum. Perfect for locals and tourists!

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