Paws & Play: Exploring Japan’s Mocha Cat Cafe in Tachikawa

Paws & Play: Exploring Japan’s Mocha Cat Cafe in Tachikawa

The Middle Little’s first reaction when we told him we would be moving to Japan was excitement over visiting a cat cafe. As soon as we set foot in the country we started looking for one to visit. So, on our second week in the country, we found a spot that combined feline fascination with relaxation – Mocha Cat Cafe. Nestled just a 2-minute stroll away from JR Tachikawa Station North Exit, this branch of the Mocha chain beckoned with promises of playful encounters and heartwarming moments.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Feline Fun

Stepping into Mocha Cat Cafe is like entering a world where purrs and curiosity reign. The process is delightfully straightforward: head to the computer, sign in and let the whisker-filled wonderland unfold. A quick shoe swap (you are given slippers to wear in the cafe) followed by a locker stop for your belongings, and you’re reading to explore the two rooms that make up the cat cafe.

At the end of your visit, payment is as relaxed as the atmosphere itself. You’re charged based on the time you’ve spent, with a menu of drinks, games, and books all included. (Though a “free drink” charge appears on your bill.) Fancy treating your newfound furry friends? Extra treats for the cats can be purchased, adding a sprinkle of joy to the experience. Our personal highlight was sharing ice lollies with the cats, and watching the kids’ faces light up as they fed their new companions.

Cat Playgrounds and Cozy Corners

Inside, the ambiance exudes tranquility and whimsy, with an array of activities waiting to be explored. While some visitors cozied up with a drink, lost in a book while cats nestled on their lap, others embarked on interactive playdates, showering the feline residents with love and laughter.

For game enthusiasts, Mocha Cat Cafe extends an invitation to indulge in classic card games or a riveting chess match. Video games offer a modern twist to the experience, creating a space where joy knows no bounds. It truly feels like a living room, with the added perk of being populated by charming, curious cats.

Cat Doors and Curiosity Unleashed

One delightful quirk that sets Mocha Cat Cafe apart is the freedom the cats enjoy. Through a series of cat doors, they come and go as they please, a testament to the cafe’s dedication to the cats’ comfort and contentment. The result? A dynamic dance of whiskers and tails, as each cat’s personality shines in its own unique way.

Our visit to Mocha Cat Cafe in Tachikawa was a symphony of laughter, paws, and furry embraces. The cafe’s ability to effortlessly blend feline companionship with relaxation made it a must-do experience. So whether you’re seeking a moment of solitude with a cup of coffee and a cat on your lap or an animated play session, Mocha Cat Cafe promises an adventure that will warm your heart and tickle your curiosity.

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