Visiting the Carrieres de Lumieres in France // Photo

Visiting the Carrieres de Lumieres in France // Photo

Any description you read of the Carrieres de Lumieres just will not do it justice. We actually almost skipped these illuminated caves in our planning because the new installation was opening on the last day of our trip and we weren’t sure how to fit it in. Luckily, we made it work as it is something that just must be experienced.

There is limited parking just outside the entrance to the cave. We arrived early enough to nab one of these spots (free and you can stay all day and walk into Les Baux-de-Provence). If you’re not as lucky there is ample parking in Le Baux-de-Provence and you can walk to the Carrieres de Lumieres.

Tickets for the Carrieres de Lumieres are easily purchased at the door although you can also purchase them online. You can bring your stroller inside as it is mostly stroller friendly. When you enter it is dark and loud, so prepare any kids that may be scared by this. There are projectors hanging from the ceiling that project the art images onto the walls and floors of the quarry.

The show runs on a loop. There are two pieces: the feature, Picasso and the Spanish masters followed by a segment on the 60’s in art and music. Images set to music are illuminated on all the walls of the former quarry. The experience completely envelops you.

You are able to move around and experience the art from different places inside the quarry. Each view brings something new.

As it was still early when we arrived the cave was not crowded. The kids had plenty of room to dance to the music and examine and explore the quarry.

We saw the whole show loop without the kids ever asking when it was going to be over. It is a completely immersive experience.

The Carrieres de Lumieres should be on your Provence itinerary. You won’t be disappointed by this unique experience. When you’re done here head up the road to the town of Les Baux-de-Provence to see the castle.

Here is a really terrible video I took inside the caves. It is so much brighter to the human eye than in this video.

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