Avontura, Delft Indoor Playground

Avontura, Delft Indoor Playground

Playgrounds are an integral part of Dutch life.  The weather here is often rainy and cold, so indoor playgrounds are also available and awesome. We’ve tried out quite a few but consistently visit one – Avontura

Here is a list of all the things I love about Avontura.

  • Free Wi-Fi. The kids run around and I get some work done. 
  • Cafe. Avontura’s cafe is nothing particularly special. The coffee is good and food options are simple. I love it though because it is not overpriced. If the kids play until lunch time it’s easy to grab a simple bite here without breaking the bank. 
  • Variety of Seating Options. Avontura could use a few more couches but I love the variety of table types and sizes. All of them offer a good view of the facility. 
  • Updated Equipment. I’ve seen elements at Avontura come and go. They seem to make repairs and keep the equipment looking good, which is more than can be said for other indoor playgrounds. 
  • One Exit. I don’t worry about my kids leaving the facility, so they are free to explore on their own. 
  • Dedicated Little Kids Play Area. The toddler play area is so nice when you have a little one. My Little Little loves to run around with his big brothers (who lift him into the larger play area), but it is nice to have an area he can safely play on his own. 
  • Plenty of Space.  The Avontura layout feels so spacious and really encourages the kids to run around and try new things.
  • Cars. Avontura converted several old camping vehicles into play areas. The boys love these things and spend time just climbing in and out of them. 
  • Bikes! It is a Dutch playground so of course there are bikes for the kids to ride around the playground. These are always a big hit. I love that they can carry a passenger too, which is perfect for when the little ones want to get in on the game. 
  • Giant Legos.  The Big and Middle always run right to the giant legos. They love building life-sized houses to play in. You can almost always find an adult or two playing in here as well. 
  • Large Play Structure. The large play structure has so many options. There are different challenge levels to get up into the high play area. The Little Little (1) needs help from his big brothers to get into the play area, but has no trouble once he is up there. 
  • Slides. There are plenty of slides to keep everyone happy. The racer slide is the most popular. The tube slide is fast! There is a slide you go down in an inter tube and a slide you come down in a small kart. Plus, there’s a slide in the kids area. 
  • Spider Web Climb. I think this is the hardest obstacle in the whole area. You climb up through these bungie cords. You can easily slip back through though so it takes some strength and agility. Our Middle Little figured this out on our last visit. I was so excited for him. 
  • Ball Pit. What kid doesn’t love a ball pit. There is one giant one for the big kids and a smaller one for the little kids. The large ball pit even has targets and ball shooters to play with. 

Avontura is a great option for kids of all ages. In fact, I once sort of half joked that they should have evening sessions for adults. Avontura, Delft is quiet most mornings, making it a perfect time for us to go. It can get crowded on school holidays, weekends and Wednesday afternoons.

If you are not local, Avontura is certainly not a must see attraction in Delft, but since you can walk or bike there easily from the city center it is a good option to have in your back pocket if you happen to be visiting on a day with inclement weather.

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