We Bought A Boat


My husband came home with an inflatable boat to take out into the canals with the boys. Since we arrived in the Netherlands he has wanted a boat. “When you live below sea level you should have a boat” he always says. The past year he has been hoping to find a little one to purchase used from someone with no luck. (We already had life jackets, just in case.)

Taking the Boat Out

When he found the last inflatable boat at our local Intratuin garden store he purchased it, came home and immediately inflated it. At that moment, in the eyes of my children, he rocketed into star status.

Boat Put in

The boys love the boat. They’ve taken it out most days this summer, into the canals or the little local lake. They boat down to our playground, which also has a walking and cycling path to it.

Boat to the Park

When it’s not in the water it is also their favorite play thing in the yard. We pull it out of the garage for the kids to sit and play in for endless hours of fun.

Boat in the Yard

We haven’t encountered any of our neighbors out in their little boats yet, but we know they have them. So hopefully we will see them out on the canal soon!

Just for fun here is a little video of the boys putting the boat into the canal.


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