Dutch Camel Farm – Smits Dairy: The Only Camel Dairy in Europe

Dutch Camel Farm – Smits Dairy: The Only Camel Dairy in Europe

When the only camel dairy in Europe is an hour from your house (by car) you make plans to go visit! Luckily, Wednesdays are half-days for the kids at school and the perfect day to pop into Smits Camel Dairy.

You head down a farm road until you see the camel signs. There is a small parking lot and signs pointing you toward the entrance. You check in at the front desk and pick up your self guided Discovery Tour which costs €5 per person.

You will be given a bookbag which includes a guide to the farm, a map, hay, straw and one canister of camel pellets per person. Your discovery tour also includes a very small milk tasting in the restaurant, which overlooks the camel farm. Camel milk is incredibly white and tastes very similar to cows’ milk. The Big Little thought it was salty, but I just noticed a different aftertaste than cows’ milk.

Depending on the time of year you will find camels in different places around the farm. Our June visit found the pregnant mamas in the barn with some of the younger camels.

We headed there first to feed the camels. The ones in the barn are easier to feed sine the ones outdoors are surrounded by an electric fence.

These camels are so friendly. They also love those food pellets. The Big Little did a great job feeding them with a flat hand. The Middle Little was too terrified of all the licking and stayed way back in the barn entrance for most of the trip. The Little Little was over enthusiastic about the camels. He was licked head to toe by the camels. He was nipped by one while attempting to feed him, but hardly cried. It was a good lesson in keeping your hand flat.


We stopped to chat with one of the camel farmers. The Big Little happily made his way down the line making sure every camel got a few pellets. He got a few licks to the face and head as well.


Then we moved outside to look at the camels in the fields. These camels are surrounded by electric fences so the only places for the kids to safely interact with them are at the gates. This little one was abandoned by her mother and is human raised. She will follow you almost everywhere as she associates humans with all her needs.

Jeff had a few friends here. Standing by one of the gates these ladies kept coming over to say hello.

The Little Little is completely fearless with animals. He loves to get as close as he can. He loved the loud noises the camels were all making.

Check out these cute camels that kept saying hello. You can also hear the Middle Little profess his greatest desire to just leave this place. He was just not a fan of the camels.

The Middle Little had had enough. He wanted to get out of there, oddly enough he was the last one out of the pasture. The farm also has a little corn pool you can play in but we have done this before and bypassed it.

You can host your birthday party at Smits Camel Dairy as well where they’ve arranged a whole host of activities. It’s a fun place to visit and with an on-site cafe, you can make an afternoon of it!

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