German Waterfall Hike

German Waterfall Hike

An easy hike along the Gaisholl Wasserfalle just outside of Baden Baden, Germany.

Leaving Strasbourg and heading to Stuttgart, friends recommended stopping at a lovely German waterfall hike right along our route. (Last year these same friends pointed us to the gnome hike in Switzerland, so we were eager to try another of their recommendations.) Predictably, the Gaisholl Wasserfalle turned out to be a perfect stop for the whole family.

There is ample parking just down the hill from the hike’s start. We packed a small bag with water and a towel and started up the trail. The hike is steep, but was easily managed by both the Big (6) and Middle (4) littles. We carried the Little Little in a carrier.

The German waterfall hike follows a cascading river. This is not a hike with a larger waterfall at the end, instead you are intended to enjoy the waterfall and its many pools as you hike.

At the end of the trail you are in a little town. In one direction a restaurant and beer garden and in the other a restaurant and playground. We were here too early and nothing was open. This would be a great option for a “hike in” lunch.

There are several places to stop and wade into the water. On our way back down we chose a lovely spot, everyone took off their shoes and we engaged in some water play. The water was frigid, but felt amazing given Europe’s heat wave.

The boys spent time building a dam in the river. They hopped over rocks. They explored the opposite shore.

When we got back to the parking lot we grabbed some snacks and went through the little brown gates near the bottom of the parking lot. Here the path opens up into a park with a playground and shaded picnic tables.

The playground really rounds out this stop. We had plans for lunch in nearby Baden-Baden, but could have also packed a picnic for this stop.

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