Math for the Holidays

Math for the Holidays

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Each holiday season, I search for the perfect balance between maintaining our math skills and allowing the littles to set their math books aside. There are so many fun ways to hone your math skills through fun games and the holidays are a perfect time to encourage this playful learning.

Here is a run-down of our favorite math games for a fun-filled educational holiday.

Boom Goes The Dynamite

Boom Goes The Dynamite is the perfect family math game from Ok2Win Games. It’s part memory game, part math and of course a little bit of luck. My kids LOVE playing this game. They pick it out of the game cabinet on regular game nights and are always happy when I pick it for practice. Jeff and I have even played it a few times in a lightning round of adults only!

The game is designed for ages 7+ but even our little little (5) can play by removing the multiplication and division cards.

I’m all for any math practice that doesn’t involve me nagging the kids!


If you need some hands-off math practice, set the kids up with a Prodigy account. This video game style math practice has your kids doing math to cast spells and earn pets. (We gift our kids a membership each year so they can collect more virtual items.) The interactive parent dashboard lets you know what your kids are working on and even gives you a chance to send them notes and special rewards. Prodigy is my go-to, guilt-free screen time activity.

Osmo Math Wizard Series

Another favorite math option is the Osmo Math Wizard Series. These are my absolute favorite Osmo games. Each math wizard set opens up a new world where you practice different math skills. The games are not repetitive like some of the other Osmo games and you can set them to different levels to accommodate children with different abilities. It is targeted at ages 6-8, but my 9 year old still enjoys playing. (You’re never too old to review those math facts!)

Color by Number

These are my go-to for road trips and holiday travel. I search Teachers Pay Teachers for “color by number” and the type of math my kids need to review. You can find sheets that do everything from simple addition to two digit by two digit multiplication. Then you can just print the sheets and go! (Here is one I have saved to print for trips throughout the year.)

Sushi Monster Math

Sushi Monster Math is great app from Scholastic. This one is more akin to flashcard practice. Kids quickly increase their familiarity and speed with basic multiplication facts in this fast-paced game.

Math Adventures Books

The Math Adventures book series from Lisa Bertola is a great way to engage your reader in grade level math skills. These fun narrative stories incorporate math into them. They are a huge hit with my kid who loves to read. There are so many to choose from, you are sure to find something your little will love.

Deck of Cards, Dice & Dominoes

Don’t forget the mathematical value of things you already have around the house. We make up math games all the time using a Deck of Cards, Dice and Dominoes. (If you need some ideas hit up Pinterest or Google for ideas). There are so many possibilities and before you know it the kids will be making up their own games.

Hopefully something on this list will be a good fit for your family. It always feels good when everyone is enjoying what they are doing and you’re showing them that math can be fun.

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase through one of these links Dutch, Dutch, Goose receives a small payment from the retailer at no cost to you. I received a complimentary copy of Boom Goes the Dynamite. All opinions expressed are my own.

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