Tozura Pontoon Bridge and Shimakatsu Udon Delights

Tozura Pontoon Bridge and Shimakatsu Udon Delights

Looking for a family-friendly adventure near Japan’s Yokota Air Base? Look no further! Head over to the Tozura Pontoon Bridge, just an hour away, and immerse yourself in nature’s splendor. This picturesque bridge spans the serene Lake Oku-tama. Beyond the bridge lies a hiker’s paradise, with scenic trails perfect for kids. Though the day we visited was a bit too hot for hiking, we enjoyed the gentle bounce of the bridge beneath our feet.

In the same canyon as the roller slide, the Tozura Pontoon Bridge offers a picturesque crossing over the tranquil lake. The best part? Walking over the bridge is entirely free! As you stroll along, take in the breathtaking landscapes and spot fish swimming in the clear waters below.

For the adventurers among you, the area accessed by crossing the bridge is full of hiking trails. Explore the trails and immerse yourself in nature’s wonders. While it might have been too hot for hiking on our visit, we still had a blast walking over the bridge!

After working up an appetite, we discovered a hidden gem down the street – Shimakatsu, a cozy little restaurant offering delicious udon delights. With just a few seats and a friendly owner, it’s the perfect spot to savor authentic Japanese cuisine. Don’t worry if the owner doesn’t speak English; they’ll happily help you pick out some yummy food for the kids to try.

We parked our car in the bridge parking lot, which also had a public bathroom, making it convenient for our family outing.

Combining our roller slide adventure with the Tozura Pontoon Bridge and Shimakatsu made for a day filled with laughter, stunning scenery, and delightful culinary experiences. It’s an outing we’ll cherish forever!

Stay tuned for more fantastic family travel experiences on this same drive from Yakota including our visit to the Shiromaru Dam!

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