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Expat Packing: It’s Just Stuff

  Every few years we pack up our stuff and move. Usually I’m able to bring everything with me, this time I was given specific catagories. Carry On. Air Shipment. Boat Shipment. Storage. Trash. Everything we owned went into one of these categories. I know we are incredibly lucky to have relocation assistance. I divided […]

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Our last Fourth of July

… for a while…or not. Happy 4th of July! The 4th of July is one of my all time favorite holidays. It also marks our T-minus one month mark for leaving. I spent this morning thinking about how my next 4th of July wont be in this country. Will we have some sort of party […]

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Review of CARES Flight Harness

  I typically travel with the car seats in tow. I have heard a hundred reasons why it is a paint to travel with them. I will confirm that they do make travel a bit more arduous then when I traveled with my weekend carryon bag, my phone and a kindle.  That being said, my kids […]

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Saying Goodbye.

  Its official… today marks the first time I’ve cried on our expat adventure!  I put a few pictures on Instagram of my kids saying goodbye to their friends with the hashtag #GoodbyesAreHard and was relieved to find a bunch of other photos of people saying goodbye. It was sort of like that first scene […]

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What to Expect when your Expat-ing.

The countdown is on! We are starting to get things moving for our big move.  Really I’m planning more for our US “farewell” tour, which you can read about here. The planning is a nice distraction from the reality that we are moving abroad. With the house on the market and the husband house hunting in […]

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